General Questions

Q.  Does the annual cost for my website including hosting fees?
A.  Yes!  All hosting fees are included in the annual cost.

Q.  Do I need to install anything on my computer to use MyChurchParish.com?
A.  No, everything is completely administered from your computer’s web browser so you can update your site from any computer with an internet connection.

Q.  Can I track individual visitors to my website?
A.  Yes – Google Analytics is available on each account and can be enabled at no additional charge.

Q.  Can I change my theme after I launch my website?
A.  Absolutely.  MyChurchParish.com offers over 100 different themes that you can change to at any moment with the click of a mouse.

Q.  Do you offer email addresses?
A.  email addresses  addresses are offered as an addon option.  Accounts are available at a cost of $50 per user per year.

Q.  How much disk space do I get with my MyChurchParish.com website?
A.  Every account includes 2GB (2,000 MB) of disk space

Q.  If I exceed my storage space can I purchase more?
A.  If you run out of storage space you can purchase 1GB of space for and additional $50 per year

Q.  How much bandwidth do I get with my myChurchParish.com website?
A.  All MyChurchParish.com accounts include unlimited bandwidth.